our process

At our First Meeting

Our first meeting with you is a no obligation free consultation to review your objectives and ideas and to offer advice and direction regarding your project.

Site Visit

Once we have been commissioned we will make a site visit to take on-site measurements and photos to allow is to tailor our designs to the existing conditions.

At our Second Meeting

We will present our design solutions to your requirements in the form of conceptual sketches and 3D renderings. These sketches will have enough construction detail to allow for informed preliminary price estimates by Building Contractors..This allows a point in the design process to adjust the designs to suit your budget.

At our Third Meeting

We will review the final project details which have been finalised to suit your needs and budget. We will then proceed with the production of final drawings suitable for the required submissions and for construction of the project.

At our Fourth Meeting

We will present the final drawings for your approval, and have you sign the relevant application forms. We will then proceed with the submission on your behalf, and will continue to manage the application through the approval process until consent is obtained.


Your development is approved. Our support does not stop here. We have an extensive network of builders and service consultants to provide you with contacts for quoting and constructing your project.


We will provide you with a personalise service to meet your requirements including

  • Free, no obligation initial consultation
  • Site Inspection
  • Preliminary conceptual sketches
  • 3D artist impressions
  • Design and Development
  • Detailed working drawings and specifications for consent submissions and construction
  • Documentation for submission to Council for DA or to Private Certifier for either Construction Certificate or for a Complying Development Certificate under the new Planning Code
  • Co-ordination of consultants such as Surveyors and Structural Engineers etc.